Summary Report – Waynedale Community Survey

This survey and the following summary of results was developed by The Waynedale Business Chamber’s Corridor Committee.

* Purpose & Question Selection
The purpose of this survey is to gauge the current perception of the community, what assets the area currently has, and what improvements should be made from the perspective of residents and non-residents. The survey is not intended to give participants a way to ‘vote’ on ideas or projects, its only intention is to generate ideas. However, its results may provide guidance to future community branding, ideas, projects and other considerations.

The participant’s email address was the only required question throughout the survey, all other questions were opt-in. Questions were chosen to purposely limit participant options in some instances, while other questions were left ‘open’ to allow the participant to comment if they felt entitled to answer differently than the provided options. The ‘closed’ questions provided specific comparable data sets in areas where needed, and the open questions encouraged user participation for idea generation. Participants were also given the option to add additional comments at the end of each section within the survey.

* Announcement & Availability
Offered online and in a printed version, the survey’s availability to be taken by the public was announced through community and city-wide media sources, social media, and neighborhood newsletters over the course of nine months (June 23, 2017 – March 11, 2018).

* Participation
The survey was completed by 302 participants. The participant’s email address was the only required question and was collected as a measure to ensure each participant completed the survey only once.

* This Summary Report
This report is a summary of the survey results and is presented to the public here for educational purposes only. All graphed questions include only those participants who opted-in by answering that question, except for participant demographic questions. Comments other than the graphed questions are a selection of participants’ common ideas, themes and suggestions.

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