Our Unique History

Waynedale represented the dream of Elzey for a community in which anyone could build a home to his own design and enjoy suburban life. This unincorporated town of approximately 3,000 residents was situated about three miles southwest of Fort Wayne on State Roads 1 & 3, and was founded by Elzey on February 15, 1921.

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Working Together In Our Community

Waynedale has many organizations that volunteer and work together to create a better quality of life for all residents.

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A Fort Wayne Community

Neighborhood Pride

Safe & Friendly

About The Community

Nestled in Southern Fort Wayne, our “Neighborly Community” is celebrated as one of the best places to live and work in Northeast Indiana. Walking down the streets of our quiet neighborhoods or visiting one of our many family owned businesses, we see our neighbors, families and friends who offer a welcoming wave as they greet us. Our kind traditions certainly makes Waynedale feel like home.

Our hometown residents gather for our annual Community Picnic, Memorial Day Parade, Taste of Waynedale and more. You can feel the excitement as everyone seems to have a little more pep in their step in anticipation of each community event. People come from all over Indiana to see and participate in our community activities that continue to grow in attendance from year to year.

Waynedale has many unique qualities that make it different from any other place in the world, but the most interesting aspect is tradition. Waynedale was named and founded in 1921, until it was annexed into Fort Wayne in 1957. But as Waynedalers love to keep tradition, fifty-five years later, most still refer to the area as Waynedale than Fort Wayne.

Also kept in tradition are our multi-generational family-owned businesses, who have continued to do business in Waynedale since their start. The community businesses structure is self-sufficient, providing literally everything the average citizen needs. As many of our businesses are within walking distance of our residential neighborhoods, most people don’t have to travel far to find what they need, right here in Waynedale.

Waynedale is nestled on the South / Southwest side of Fort Wayne. The community is defined by the Saint Marys River to the East, Airport Expressway to the South, Smith Road on the West side, and Nuttman Avenue on the North end. A trail of businesses on our main streets connect the many neighborhoods inlaid within Waynedale’s boundaries. Waynedale is often regarded as a hometown with everything residents need, just minutes away from the bigger city.

Proud Sponsors Of The Community