Shop Local Games & Campaign To Boost Businesses In Waynedale ~ $500 Top Prize

2022 Scavenger Hunt Answers

There were some creative answers but these are the answers intended. Thanks for playing, we hope you had fun!
1. Anything you can do I can do IT better. (Do It Best Waynedale Hardware)
2. Insightful insurance (Wise Insurance Agency)
3. Don’t ring the bell, visit the zone! (Taco Zone)
4. X marks the spot for banners (GraphX)
5. A shelter for fresh dough (Pizza Hut)
6. Tenderloins and a shot of Captain’s! (Morgan’s Tap and Grill)
7. Look for Schmidt 1946! (Waynedale Plumbing Supply)
8. Don’t MISS your refund! (Miss Dannie’s Tax Pros)
9. Heads or tails appraisers. (Solly’s Coins)
10. No weaving when you check out these vehicles (Straight Line Motors)
11. Rub a dub dub, puppy in a tub! (Waynedale Grooming)
12. Quality auto work that only sounds wealthy! (Rich’s Auto Repair)
13. Wavy gathering place for great libations and friends! (Curly’ s Bar)
14. Where your mailperson goes for coffee! (Tazza’s Café)
15. Salsa your way over for Latin Fusion. (Lola’s Cafe)
16. It’s sew personal! (It’s Personal Embroidery)
17. Where the tacos wear sombreros! (Rigo’s Taqueria)
18. Get your strikes and spares here! (FOE
19. Not your average steak sauce! (A1 Taxi)
20. Bank on this celestial body. (Star Bank)
21. Coin operated amusement. (Playfair)

A group of volunteers in southwest Fort Wayne, within the historic community of Waynedale, are putting up a top prize of $500 to the person or family who most accurately solves a Scavenger Hunt and collects the most Stamps by visiting businesses in the community. There is no purchase necessary to participate, and it’s not limited to just community members, so all are invited to come play. But, there is a catch. The event is only held for 6 days!

The games are part of a weeklong campaign from August 15-20, aptly named “Shop Waynedale” to increase awareness of the Waynedale Community’s storefronts and restaurants. Now a community tradition due to popularity, the initiative came out of the need to support local businesses during the 2020 pandemic shutdowns.

“This is always a fun event that our community gets heavily involved in to play. It’s not only fun, but it gives people an opportunity to explore our community’s businesses. Even storefronts that we frequently drive by over time may become part of the landscape. The goal of this event is to put those businesses back at the forefront of peoples mind.” Camille Garrison, Event Co-organizer continues, “We are so thankful for the 50+ businesses who have stepped up to become involved, and many have doubled their participation by also donating prizes for the event. And of course, we love our overall sponsors for going above and beyond to help us, Hill’s Meat Market (3203 Lower Huntington Rd) and Legacy Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning (6502 Bluffton Rd).”

Another popular feature of the event is all of the discounts and giveaways from Monday, August 15 to the 20th. This year the event headlines free tacos from Taco Bell, free umbrellas from Kingston Residence, and plenty of discounts on locally brewed drinks, up to 50% off purchases, and signups for giveaways.

To play the games for a chance to win the $500 as well as hundreds of dollars in other local gifts, and to receive the giveaways and discounts from over 25 local businesses, you will need to get your hands on a “Shop Waynedale” Gamebook. Gamebooks can be found at any of the participating businesses throughout the community and will be delivered inside the August 12 edition of The Waynedale News.

For more information about this event, please find it on Facebook here: